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Going Bananas Over the Ben Nye Powder?


Going Bananas Over the Ben Nye Powder?..
  If you haven’t heard of the Ben Nye Luxury Banana Powder then where have you been the last couple of months?! Ben Nye is a brand that specialises in theatrical makeup but their face powders have become very popular and in particular their Banana Luxury Powder used by Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist and also infamous for its use as a highlight setting powder especially amongst women of colour.  The reason it has become such a cult product within the black community is because many women of different skin tones are able to use the shade ‘Banana’ for setting their highlighted areas without leaving an ashy or grey cast. In fact, many retailers have sold out of this product due to the sudden high demand and you may have to pre-order it to secure yourself one.
Although the finely milled powder is very yellow, it works well on just about every skin tone including black skin as it’s translucent and will definitely help brighten areas. If you’re looking for a not so yellow powder or an all over powder, Ben Nye also offers Luxury powders for different skin tones including darker skin.
 If you’re one to use under-eye concealer then you know the importance of using a setting powder to prevent the concealer from creasing and settling into fine lines. The Ben Nye Banana Luxury Powder does just that! When the correct amount of powder is applied with either a sponge or powder puff, this powder sets your concealer leaving a silky matte flawless finish. As long as you’re not a 24hr makeup wearer, this powder will also stop any product settling into fine lines for the whole duration of your makeup wear. In addition to setting your under eye concealer, when used elsewhere eg. to highlight forehead, for those with oily skin, you may appreciate that is does well at keeping the oil at bay so you stay shine free for longer!
 In my opinion, the only downfall of this product is the way it’s dispensed. With it being such a difficult product to source, the last thing you need is product being wasted! Unlike most powders of its kind, it doesn’t come in a packaging where the right amount of product is being sift which makes it a bit awkward and messy to use.

Overall, I think this is a very good and inexpensive product to invest in. It is perfect for setting your under-eye area and will work just as well or even better than high end products that retail for £20+. Yes it is difficult to source and especially in the UK but make sure you grab them whilst in stock or secure one by pre-ordering. It comes in three sizes;  1.5oz., 3oz. or 8oz. (3oz. pictured above).

Availability: Can be found on Amazon (UK), Treasure House of Makeup (UK), Makeupmania (ship to UK), or Camera Ready Cosmetics (ship to UK)

 Did you manage to get hold of the Ben Nye Banana powder? Or are you going to jump on the bandwagon? Let me know!

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  1. I didnt get the Banana powder as I felt it was too light for my under eye so ?I picked up Sienna, Topaz and Coco Tan.

    I use Sienna every day as this looks the most natural and use Topaz when I am going out and want to my under eye to look a little bit highlighted.

    Coco Tan was way too warm but my sister loves it as shes a NW47 and it works amazingly on her

    1. I guess it really depends on how highlighted you like your undereye. I think banana can also be pulled off by darker tones as long as it's used in moderation

      I may consider trying out a deeper shade to see how it is as an all over face powder.

  2. I recently picked this up as well as chestnut (which I use all over my face) and Ebony (which i use as a contour powder) they are Amazing!!!
    you should check out other colours as well...
    love your blog btw follow back:

    1. Thank you
      Ohh I never thought about getting a dark one to use as a contour powder!

  3. Derin do you like this better than the Black Opal Oil Blotting invisible powder? I'm trying to decide which of the two to get for setting undereye concealer and oil control

    1. Yes I think I prefer the colour of this to the Black Opal Oil Blocking Invisible Powder. It's yellow so it works better at brightening the area. I dont use it on my whole face, just the areas I highlight (center of forehead, undereye, chin, nose). It works good as a setting powder for highlighter, but obviously the Black Opal one is designed to block oil. I would say if you want both in one powder then go for this one

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    1. Hey Jexika
      thanks for the feedback and thanks for following xx

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  6. Wow! That really blended well.

    Do you want to follow each other? Let me know :D

    Kenneillia M.

  7. i agree with epiphannie.. some darked hued ladies should probably try the other ben nye powders. imo the banana powder DOES NOT match every skin tone regardless of the method of application.. it often looks ashy on many...ben nye has so many other colors that can highlight & still be complimentary to more chocolate tones

  8. Ben Nye foundation is really great! It has given us women the power to bring out the best in us!

  9. Hi :) I'm a NW45 IN MAC. what powders would be best for me? I would like to try the banana for a highlight. What color would be best to use for all over? Thank you :)

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