Nails - 19:00

Nails | Gelish Diva

I remember the first time I got acrylic nails done. They were for my year 11 school prom. Since then (aged 16), I got into the habit of g...

featured - 19:00

Perfecting My Base

I had actually been planning on doing a post like this before I disappeared from here but clearly I never got around to doing it. Now t...

Collection - 19:00

Collection | My MAC Lipsticks

I don't think I've ever done one of these collection posts before but I usually enjoy reading other peoples'. It's alwa...

Makeup - 19:00

What's New | MAC Warm Neutral Palette, MAC Brush Cleanser, MAC 217/239 Brushes and KIKO Mat Base Primer

I don't buy makeup as much as I used to but occasionally I do like to have a little splurge. These are the beauty products that I&...


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