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I remember the first time I got acrylic nails done. They were for my year 11 school prom. Since then (aged 16), I got into the habit of getting them done all the time. Six years on, I'm left with damaged, paper thin nails. Enough was enough. I decided that it's time I give my natural nails a chance to grow healthily.
My nails are so thin so I wasn't sure of what my options were to maintain strength and growth. I just knew that I didn't want any form of nail extensions. Over the past couple of years, I've been hearing a lot about Shellac, Gelish, etc. but I never really took time out to know what the difference was between them. 
After a quick Google search, I opted for Gelish as it's said to last longer and doesn't cause any damage to your natural nails allowing them to grow stronger. For those who don't know, Gelish is a gel nail polish which is cured with UV or LED light and lasts without chipping for about three weeks. It's especially good for those who don't have time to keep changing their polish colour or for those like me who have damaged nails. I don't know if you can tell but my middle nail was so damaged that I had to get it extended and gel put over it in order to match the length of the rest of my nails. That's why it may look bulky compared to the others.

As we're now in Autumn, I wanted something for the season so I decided to go for a deep purple in the Gelish range called 'Diva' which I feel complements my skin tone and also looks good against camel and gold tones (which I tend to wear often). I'll probably stick to dark tones for a while but I'll try to keep you updated with my polish changes.

Has anyone tried Gelish or planning to? If so, what are your thoughts on it?

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