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Review | Sacha Buttercup Setting Powder


I know a lot of you have been waiting for this review but I wanted to make sure it was tested out for long enough before giving you my opinion. Though the Sacha Buttercup Setting Powder has been raved about by top YouTubers (in particular WOC), I couldn't seem to find any reviews before making my purchase. As you know, I use the Ben Nye Banana Powder to set my under-eye concealer and I haven't gone without using it for a very long time. In my opinion, I don't have an issue with the banana powder being too light for my skin tone but I really wanted to try this as an alternative as it's said to be a better tone and much nicer in texture. This review is based on how well it works to set my under-eye highlight although it may be used to set your whole face.
 Believe it or not but I haven't once touched my Ben Nye powder since using this powder by Sacha Cosmetics. I've really been liking the buttercup powder but I may alternate between the two. I'm not sure if you can tell from the picture below but the buttercup powder is much smoother in comparison. Where the buttercup powder is more fine in texture, it literally dissolves into your skin and doesn't cake like the banana powder can have the tendency to do if you're not careful with it. It blends so seamlessly! No matter how much you pack on, it doesn't look dry or accentuate your fine lines any further and most importantly, sets areas it's applied to. I don't find that it clings to any dry areas one may have as often my Ben Nye Banana powder can cling to areas where I've applied a matting primer. If you are of a medium to deep skin tone, please give this powder a try - especially if you have issues trying to get the banana powder to work for you. For those that find they need to go over their banana powder with a powder of their skin tone to tone it down, you will prefer this powder as it doesn't really give off that white cast nor does it pull off ashy. I believe it can also be used as an all over setting powder for medium to medium dark skin tones but I have no desire to use it for this purpose. It may be a little too yellow to work well on fairer skin tones. 
An issue I have with this powder is the packaging! I absolutely hate it. It has a sifter but it still can be quite messy. Even though the Ben Nye style of packaging is not great, I much prefer it to the Sacha one as it's slightly easier to control.
I will mention that I don't feel as though it absorbs oil as well as the Ben Nye Banana powder but it still does a good job in doing so. If you are really oily, you may have to blot at least once throughout the day but this may be nothing new to you.

The Sacha Cosmetics Buttercup Setting Powder is available from www.absolutekolor.co.uk (UK/EU) or www.sachacosmetics.com (US)

Price: £12.50 (1oz./28g)

Has anyone tried the Sacha Cosmetics Buttercup setting powder yet?

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  1. I’m in love with your blog It was so interesting to read your posts and also I’d like to say that you have beautiful photos! I know that it requires so much time to update blog, but keep doing it!)
    I’ll be happy to see you in my blog!)

    Diana Cloudlet

  2. Where else can I buy the powder in the UK?? I need it badly!!

    1. http://www.sachamakeup.co.uk/shop/buttercup-setting-powder-p-180.html

  3. i just found your blog and i love it kep posting check out my blog

  4. i just found your blog and i love it kep posting check out my blog

  5. I haven't tried it yet and I was thinking of Investing in the Ben Nye Banana Powder. Will definitely go for this instead, it's my first time on your blog and I LOVE it!!!


  6. I am planning to buy this now. I find that the Ben Nye Banana powder works better for me than the Ben Nye Topaz even though I am dark toned. I could not make Topaz work at all so now that I have run out of Banana I plan to buy Topaz. Interested in knowing where you got it for £12.50. The ones I have seen are much more than that.

  7. I meant I plan to buy Sacha Buttercup

  8. Hi Pls can the Sacha buttercup setting powder be used on all skin shades??

  9. Try Glammua.co.uk




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