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Review: Becca Beach Tint - Strawberry + 20% Discount Offer


Review: Becca Beach Tint - Strawberry..
For those of you who are not so familiar or have never heard of BECCA, it is a makeup brand of Australian origin (though it is sold internationally) who are known for their 'Skin Perfecting Makeup System' which is designed to correct, prepare and enhance any complexion. They boast a range of 34 concealer shades and 30 foundation colours!
As the title suggests, I'm going to be reviewing one of their best selling products - "BECCA Beach Tint".

♥ 2-in-1 crème stain for cheeks and lips
 Deliciously scented
♥ Oil Free, Streak Free, and Water-Resistant
♥ Contains anti-oxidant vitamin E
♥ Preservative and paraben-free

The BECCA Beach Tint is a stain that can be used on both your lips and cheeks regardless of your skin type. It can either be worn alone or layered underneath your lip balm, lip gloss or if worn on your cheeks then under your blush/bronzer for a more intense colour. 
 I received the tint in the shade "Strawberry" which is a yellow-based red but there are a range of shades available for you to choose from so you're bound to find one which you feel may suit your skin tone.

I don't usually go for cheek stains as I've always stuck to powder blushes so I was a bit skeptical about using this product on my cheeks. I've found that when I use other forms of blushes besides powders, they tend to make my foundation/powder blotchy so I just do not bother with them. 

The first time I tried out this stain on my cheeks, I wore it over my foundation then layered my setting powder on top. This gave my cheeks a natural flush of colour and wasn't so obvious like a powder blush can tend to be. I really think it's good for those who like natural looking makeup or for those who are going for the "no makeup" makeup look. 
The second time it was used, I wore it over my foundation and powder to see if it'll make my powder look blotchy like most liquid/cream products that are used on my cheeks do. Surprisingly it didn't and I was able to layer it up as normal. 
It comes in a squeezy tube and the product comes out of the nozzle which I think is ideal. The amount that comes out depends on the pressure that is applied when squeezing so you can control the amount that is dispensed.
 The packaging is quite sleek with the main body being black and the cap being silver. 

Though it is in a squeezy tube, this product has been described as a cream stain. It has a very light consistency and is not too thick. Definitely very easy to blend.

When used as a lip stain, it lasted around 10 hours though before I removed it the colour had lost its intensity. I also noticed that it slightly faded as I ate and drank throughout the day. 

It is available in 6 shades online:
Strawberry - Warm Orange Red
Peach - Warm Orange Pink
Raspberry - Deep Berry Pink
Grapefruit - Pale Coral Pink
Fig - Tea Rose Pink
Guava - Bright Coral Pink

And in store you can purchase Watermelon which is a bright pink.
Each shade is scented like its name so you may want to keep that in mind when you're choosing your shade.

When the box arrived, I was very shocked to see the size of the product. For some reason, I was expecting the tube to be much larger for £20. You get 7ml/0.24fl.oz of product but after trying out the tint I realised that you really do not need a lot and a little goes a long way. I suppose maybe this justifies the reason for the tiny tube?
I guess a pro for it being small is that it easily fits into your makeup bag and is great for travelling.

Price and Availability
This Beach Tint costs £20 but I am giving my lovely readers the opportunity to get it in the shade "Strawberry" at a 20% discount (UK & EU only) from BECCA Cosmetics. Click here to purchase online. 
The discount is valid from 6th February - 16th February 
Discount CodeBBE20

Overall Thoughts
Overall I think this is a good product to use especially if you're one to like matchy makeup as it can be used on both your lips and cheeks so you never have to worry about finding a blush to match what's on your lips. It is a versatile product that can be used in many ways, so though it's pricey it saves you buying a separate blush and lip colour. You can wear it alone or under your blush for added intensity, as a lip stain, under clear lip gloss, etc.

 I found that the stain is also buildable so you can have a light wash of colour or go for a full blown red on your lips. 

The product itself is non-drying and I didn't feel it dried out my lips at all. I would say that you may want to exfoliate your lips before applying as it does tend to cling onto any dry bits. Also if you have fine lines on your lips like I do, just be aware that after a few hours it does settle into the lines which accentuates them a bit more. 

Like I said before, all the Beach Tints are scented so if you do not like scented products, you will not like this. I love fruity smells and I think this smells very nice but I know we are all different. My "Strawberry" one has quite a strong scent but it doesn't linger and after a while I can't even smell it anymore. 

Unfortunately when I hadn't touched the tint for a while, when I returned to it, I realised that the product had become a bit runny and was separating. I had to shake it well for it to return to its consistency so I think maybe the company should have put "Shake well before use" or something along those lines on the packaging. 


Used as cheek stain
I've been a bit heavy handed with these swatches on my cheek as my camera wasn't really picking it up when I used it lightly. 

Used as lip stain

Used as a cheek and lip stain
Please excuse my very tired face!
You can like the BECCA Cosmetics UK page on Facebook as they run a lot of competitions and giveaways or follow them on Twitter @BECCAlondon for more information. 

What are your thoughts on this product? Will you be using the discount code to purchase?

Disclaimer: Though I was sent this product to review, this review is 100% unbiased and honest.

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