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Review: Black Radiance Complexion Perfection Shine Control Primer


Review: Black Radiance Complexion Perfection Shine Control Primer..

Hey beauts!
I forgot to mention when I received this primer in a package from my aunt in America. I started using this primer I think early February and since then I haven't touched my MAC Prep + Prime Skin Base Visage! As you know from my Back To Basics post on primers (click here if you need a read), there are primers for different needs and skin types. The Black Radiance primer is particularly for shine control whilst helping your make up last longer. If you're one of those people who hate any shine whilst wearing makeup or have oily skin then please give this primer a go.

• Smooths and preps skin
• Keeps makeup looking fresh and natural
• Absorbs oil to minimize shine 
As always, I apply this primer after moisturising. If you're not particularly oily, then you may find that moisturising well helps because it makes your face very matte once applied. Because of this, I wouldn't recommend someone with dry skin to use this as I wouldn't classify it as a resurfacing or smoothing primer but more of a mattifier/oil control. My skin is normal and I find that if I haven't moisturised properly or haven't applied the primer more or less immediately after moisturisng then my face will feel a little on the dry side; not too tight or anything but quite matte if that's how I can describe it. The primer also has the tendency to cling onto dry areas you may have.

If too much of the primer is used, it becomes harder to blend and also leaves your face a little white (though once your makeup is complete, it will be fine so there's nothing to worry about at all). I'm not sure if this happens because I haven't got really oily skin or not. If you use way more than needed, you will find that it will begin to flake (like most primers usually do when used in excess).

The primer has a texture of a lotion moisturiser. Not too thick, not too runny and is easily blendable and lightweight.

It comes in a squeezable black tube packaging and the primer is released through the nozzle making it easy to control how much product you want. 

Size, Price and Availability 
You get 0.84 fl.oz. / 25ml of product. 
I'm not sure how much my aunt purchased it for in the US but I know they are sold in a lot of drug stores so shouldn't be too expensive.
 Black Radiance is not available to buy in the UK but you can purchase a 3-pack off amazon (link) for £17.97. 

Overall Thoughts
So far, this is the best primer that I have used. My makeup is guaranteed to stay shine-free for a minimum of 8hrs before any sort of shine starts to peep through and it keeps my makeup looking fresh for a long time. I use it on my entire face including my eyelids as my foundation always creases there but since using the primer, there is little to no creasing so I'm assuming it would be great as an eyeshadow primer as well as a face one!

 In comparison to the MAC Prep + Prime Skin Base Visage, it does more for controlling oil than it does creating a smooth base for your makeup to be applied. Though it does still create that smooth canvas, I believe the MAC one does better in doing so. It also doesn't have any light reflecting particles for any sort of glow and it doesn't completely dry transparent, leaving your face a little white but this is not a problem at all once you've put on your foundation. But like I said before, it may not come off white on those with an oilier skin type. 

Since using this primer, I've noticed that my foundation also dries quicker which really isn't a problem at all and I feel like the foundation is set in place.

Luckily my use for primer is not for resurfacing or smoothing my skin but to help make my makeup last longer and prevent any shine whatsoever for a good amount of time which this product definitely does!
 I really believe this product would be great for those with oily skin as the results I've had from it are really good!

The only downfall is that this product is not readily available to buy in stores in the UK so I had to order my backups off amazon!

Do you already own this primer or maybe you're thinking of trying it out?

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