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Events | IMATS London 2013


Events | IMATS London 2013..

It feels like not long ago where I was posting pics from IMATS 2012. Time flew by!
I don't know why but I quite liked IMATS (International Makeup Artists Trade Show) this year, maybe it had something to do with the change of venue? This year instead of being in Alexandra Palace, it was held at The Olympia in Kensington. NARS and Bobbi Brown were also exhibitors this year which was quite exciting as they haven't been the past years I've attended.

 As always, I attended the Saturday show. I fear that if I go on a Sunday, there'll be nothing left. I also got there a bit late so I didn't get a chance to attend any of the seminars and only had 3 hours to browse and shop. Because I was in such a rush (had somewhere to be after), I didn't manage to take as many pictures but for those who have never been or missed out this year, I thought I'd post pictures from the day. 

I really like this picture.. I don't know why
In case you're wondering, I took a pic of this because I really like the work on the face chart lol. It's a pretty bronzed  look for the summer don't you think?
And if you like it too, here are the products used to achieve the look :)

And then there's me playing with the cam in the car...

Heroine Lip Liner + RiRi Boy...
Did anyone get a chance to attend this year?

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