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Review | Inglot 405 Matte Lipstick


I know many people may be new to Inglot products and haven't yet been able to test them out. Until IMATS 2013, I was definitely a stranger to their lipstick range but decided to head home with three. Since then, I've given this particular shade some love and I'm actually impressed with it. For those of you who are curious and are not sure whether or not to buy their lipsticks, I thought I'd update you with a review on the shade 405.

This lipstick for me personally falls into the nude category. It is not a pinky nude, much more like the colour of my lips, just a very natural/bare lip shade which a "nude" lipstick should actually be. The shade can be described as a deep dusty rose but slightly leans towards a shade of brown in the casing. Due to it's deep tone, I believe it can be passed off as a nude lipstick for Asian/Black skin tones but as everyone's "nude" is different, this may vary.

I can't quite pin point the scent of this lipstick. It has a strong fruity smell but I just cannot figure out which fruit. If you do not like scented cosmetics, you may not particularly like Inglot lipsticks.

405 is a part of the Inglot matte lipsticks range. Although it has a matte finish, I must say this is probably one of the most comfortable matte lipsticks I've worn. The first time I wore this lipstick was without any lip balm/primer and I still didn't find it drying like I do most matte lipsticks from other brands. This shade also just glides on so smoothly and evenly and does not settle into my fine lines. 

Lasting Power:
This lipstick personally lasted a long time on me. Knowing that I was going to be writing a review on it, I had noted on one day that it lasted from 6pm - 3am, fading ever so slightly. This was with me eating and drinking as well. I think it's one of those lipsticks that pretty much stay on until they're wiped off. 

Size and Packaging
The lipstick is housed in a black plastic casing. Inglots' lipstick packaging is very sleek and simple. The shade does not have a name but is labelled and identified at the bottom as '405'. 
In terms of size, in comparison to a MAC lipstick, you get slightly more product as the bullet of the Inglot lipstick is thicker. 

As mentioned in my Inglot Edition IMATS haul, this lipstick retails at £10. Yes it's slightly more than drugstore brands but if you're looking for quality as well then I don't think the price is too bad! 

I'm not too sure about worldwide, but if you live in the UK, this lipstick can be purchased from the Inglot website alternatively you can find it at their shop in Westfield, White City or The Grafton, Cambridge.

I've swatched the lipsticks/lip liners that I own and believe to be in the same colour family as the Inglot 405 Matte Lipstick. This is for your reference and to give you an idea of the shade/finish.

Looking for a perfect nude for your skin tone? Could this shade be the one? Let me know!

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