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You may have come across the brand Makeup Geek - whether on Instagram, blogs or YouTube. Their popularity has been growing amongst the makeup community for some time now. Some of their products had been on my wishlist for quite a while so you can imagine the excitement when I finally got to try them. 

Makeup Geek is a beauty brand founded by Marlena - a Beauty Blogger/YouTuber and is most commonly known for their good quality (comparable to MAC) eyeshadows sold for as little as $6 (about £4). For those of you who are starting out in makeup, practicing your eyeshadow application or maybe even need to build your makeup kit without breaking the bank, their shadows are a cheaper alternative but definitely do not lack in quality. I know eyeshadows in particular can be quite expensive and not everyone has the funds to spend on the more well known brands, especially if you're a makeup artist who needs a quite a range. 

Whether you're into neutral tones or prefer brighter shades, there are over well 70 Makeup Geek Eyeshadow pans to choose from with a range of matte and shimmery finishes. They also have a range of very intense and pigmented shadows called Foiled Eyeshadows and as the name suggests, they have a metallic finish. You have the choice of buying sets or starter kits if you're unsure of which shadows to choose initially.

My custom Extra Large Z-Palette pictured is filled with a mixture of 17 regular and 10 foiled eyeshadow pans. I believe this palette can accommodate a total of 35 shadows but there are different sized Z-Palettes to choose from. If you don't already own a palette to hold your eyeshadows, you will need one as their shadows are sold in pan form (unless you buy a pre-filled palette).

In addition to the eyeshadow pans, pictured above, there are two loose pigments - Nightlife and Immortal; two blushes - Summer Fling and Infatuation; and a gel liner. I have used some of the eyeshadows but haven't quite gotten around to the other products so I can't speak too much on them just yet.

I do plan to have a post with swatches to show you how intense some of these products are and also to get an idea of the range of colours in my mini collection so be on the lookout! 

Does anyone own Makeup Geek products?

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