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How To: Filling In My Brows


How To: Filling In My Brows..

Hey beauties!
This is a post for all those that ask how I fill in my eyebrows. This post is way overdue and I'm sorry. Obviously because it isn't a video tutorial it's a bit hard to explain but I'm going to try my possible best and hopefully what I'm trying to show and explain will be clear.

What you will need:

Eyebrow pencil
This can be any eyebrow pencil of your choice but I particularly like the MAC one pictured below.
Flat/angled brush
Any flat or angled brush will be OK as long you feel comfortable using it. It will need to be a brush that you feel you have the most control over because when this is used, you will need to be precise. 

Any spoolie of your choice will be fine to use.
• Concealer
Any concealer which you feel you can control will be OK to use.


Start off with a clean brow free from any products whatsoever. Avoid getting moisturiser on your brows as this makes it harder for your eyebrow pencil to cohere. 
Using a spoolie, brush your brow hairs into place.  

 Using your eyebrow pencil, outline your brow following the natural shape. When outlining the top, do not begin drawing from the beginning of your brow like shown in the picture; this is to avoid it looking so harsh and too obviously drawn on. 
The outline doesn't have to be particularly neat as you are going to tidy this up at a later stage.

Once you have outlined your shape, begin filling in your brow with your eyebrow pencil using light short strokes so that it appears more "hair-like". At this stage it is up to you and your personal preference when deciding how much you want/need to fill in. 

Taking your spoolie again, blend the eyebrow pencil by brushing the hairs towards your ear. When brushing the beginning of your eyebrow, use the spoolie and brush the hairs towards the bridge of your nose to create a fading effect. This way it helps create more of a natural look.

This step is where you clean up any mess you've made. You do this using concealer. It also helps make the brow stand out.
Using a concealer close to your skin tone and your flat definer/angled brush, clean up the edges of your brow being very precise. How precisely you work with your concealer determines the final result of your brow. You will need a concealer that you have full control over. I prefer to use MAC Studio Sculpt as I prefer the texture because it is more like a cream and I can control it much better than a liquid one.

Blend! Blend! Blend!
So that you avoid looking like you've got a halo around your eyebrows, you will need to blend your concealer out into your skin as much as you possibly can especially if the concealer is not exactly your skin tone. You can use the flat definer/angled brush to do this.
Once you have blended out the concealer, you can then proceed with your usual foundation routine, blending the concealer further with your foundation.

Final Result

This is how I do my eyebrows in all my FOTDs. 
For those that requested this, I really do hope this post was helpful. If you have any more questions, leave them below in the comment box.

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