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Review | ghd Gold Series Max Styler


Hey beauts. Sorry for my non-existence in the past week but I'm back at uni now so I've been a little busy with meeting deadlines and I just haven't had any time for blogging. I've got that out of the way now so I thought I'd write a post today as I haven't done so in a while.

As you all know from this post here, I got a ghd Gold Max Styler for Christmas! I also asked if you would like a full review on them and a couple of you said that you would so here it is!

"A true classic isn’t defined by time or fashion. It stands alone; confident and brave. It’s made of truth, beauty and style. The perfect red lip. The little black dress. The battered blue jeans. The ghd gold classic styler. But bigger. “Fashion fades, only style remains the same.” Coco Chanel"


Professional finish
Smoother plates
Cooler, lighter body
Ceramic heaters and contoured plates
Sleep mode

There are three different sized stylers in the ghd gold series range; mini, classic and max. As you can probably tell from the pictures above and the title of the post, I own the max styler. The max styler has the widest plates out of the range and are specifically good for long, thick or curly hair because of the plate size. I chose the max styler because my extensions are quite lengthy and I wanted straighteners which would take the smallest amount of time to achieve results. 

Though the plates are wide, these straighteners are unbelievably lightweight. Due to its light weight, it makes it more convenient to travel with this straightener if necessary.

These straighteners heat up very quickly. Once switched on, it will make a noise and the 'ghd' logo on the switch will flash to indicate that it is on. When it is ready to be used, it will beep three times so that you are aware that it has heated up and the flashing will stop. They heat up to the maximum heat of 230°C within approx. 30 seconds and there is no way to adjust this heat setting which can be seen as a downfall for some. You have to be very careful as they do get extremely hot. I have found that the upper body also get very hot and can burn your fingers if held for too long.

As with most straighteners, you can do more than just straighten with this but the curved plates make it easier than most straighteners to create curls, waves and flicks. I love the fact that you can create versatility with just one product.

You will never have to worry about forgetting to turn them off if you were in a rush as they automatically shut down within 30mins of inactivity which is good for those of you who are offenders of leaving your straighteners on!

For tidy storage and protection, these straighteners come with a protective plate guard that is worn over the top and keep the plates locked together. 

Below are before and after pics of my hair extensions just after I'd washed them. As you can see they had a lot of volume and weren't poker straight after air drying. I managed to straighten everything in 10mins and here are my results. Because of how good these straighteners are, you only need to pass them through an area once for it to be straightened which is definitely a pro!
Overall Thoughts
In my opinion, the ghd max styler is a good straightener to own. I cannot vouch for the others in the range because I have not tried them though I'm sure they'll work just as well. I know that these straighteners do not come cheap but I believe that they are good value for money as they can be used for much more than just straightening. You can save yourself from spending money on tongs and curlers because you can achieve the same results using these! If you need tips or are interested in techniques on how to use this for styles other than straightening, be sure to check out their tutorials on YouTube. 

 These straighteners retail for £119 but are currently on sale for £99 on the ghd website (http://www.ghdhair.com/gold-series/ghd-gold-max). If you are planning to buy these anywhere else but the ghd website itself, make sure you check http://www.ghdhair.com/help/website-checker to make sure that the website is authentic.

Anything else you want to know about these straighteners? Ask me in the comment box below.
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