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Blush for Darker Skin


Blush for Darker Skin..

Hey beauts!
I wanted to do a post to help out my darker skin ladies out there who are unsure about blush. In this post, by darker skin, I'm referring to women who are about my shade or darker (for reference I use MAC NC50). 

Why are a lot of darker women so scared of colour? There's really nothing to be afraid of when it comes to wearing blush. Do not let people fool you into thinking you can only pull off plum or berry shades or that you cannot wear blush at all! There are so many other colours that you can wear but obviously there's no need to take it too far and opt for the lightest pink available. It's all to do with the intensity of the shade chosen and you just have to be wise with your selection so you don't make the mistake of looking ashy. 

It's almost as if we have been trained to gravitate towards berry shades. Unless that is your preference, you are not limited to it. My first ever blush from MAC was Loverush (pictured below) but sooner or later, I realised that I wanted to explore and that I too could wear beautiful coral shades and other shades too!

To me, applying blush is a vital step during your makeup routine. In my opinion, it brightens, creates a youthful glow and also adds warmth to the skin giving that "natural glow from within" look. I very rarely leave home without wearing it. It just adds radiance to my skin and makes me look full of life which is the purpose of blush anyway.  

I'm aware that we don't blush naturally, but being darker skin, it is important that we make the right choice of colour. Rich, deep and warm shades are more complementary to our skin tone. Colours such as orange, brick red and coral look beautiful against our skin for a "natural" warm glow. 

Below is a selection of blush shades that you may possibly consider. You are in no way limited to these shades but I just wanted to give an example of the different shades that can be worn. 
L-H: MAC Devil, MAC Sweet As Cocoa, MAC Loverush, NARS Gina, MAC Love Joy, MAC Ambering Rose, NARS Gilda, MAC Raizin, MAC Format, NARS Taj Mahal

If you prefer, rich plum, berry and deep pink shades can also be worn and for added intensity. These shades particularly look nice against very deep skin tones. 

I on't think these shades are available to buy anymore
The blush you wear is entirely up to you but I hope I've helped someone out there who may be scared to wear blush or helped push someone into trying new colours.

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