Checking Out My Holiday Nails - Misa Green with Envy


Hey beauts!

I'm currently in Morocco so I'm having to blog from my phone. I've never done this before so fingers crossed it comes out okay. 

I wanted to show you my holiday nails. I was after something bright and summery. Initially, I was going to use my own nail polish Essie Tart Deco rather than the polishes in the nail salon but when I saw this beautiful shade displayed on the wall, I couldn't resist. 

As usual, I opted for the stiletto shape. I've gotten really used to my nails being this shape and I love it though it is becoming very common now!

The polish is by Misa and the shade is called "Green with Envy". It's a very bright and bold colour.
It's quite difficult to describe this shade. Lime green maybe? In some lights it comes off a bit like a highlighter yellow. 

It took 3 coats to get to my desired opaqueness.

Please let me know how this post comes out x
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