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Review | TRESemme Salon Sleek Straightening Spray with Argan Oil


When I wear my hair straight, I like it to be absolutely bone straight and sleek! After I had put my previous extensions through so much and also bleaching it, as it's real hair, it obviously required just a little more attention to maintain a shiny and sleek look. This product was a random buy whilst purchasing my TRESemme heat protecting spray and it was mentioned in one of my "What's New" post.

You're meant to use this spray whilst your hair is damp but I noticed I preferred the results of it when the hair was 80% dry or dry. On most days, I'd use it just before straightening and it really did make that difference! It eliminates any frizz that you may have and leaves a smooth finish to your hair. I also noticed that over time, your hair requires less straightening as it is a product that is used to train your hair to be straight. I'd wake up and have barely any straightening to do! The straightening spray also contains Argan Oil from Morocco which I love as you all know so it's not really necessary to buy a separate Argan Oil product if you don't want to. Apart from the fact that the extensions were good quality, I do believe the Argan Oil aided in the smooth and silky finish. 

Those of you who have your hair straight a lot or are always straightening and don't know what to use on your virgin extensions, this is a good product to try out.

My mum has just recently bought me 2 more bottles of this though I haven't even finished the bottle I purchased but with this Virgin Filipino hair I doubt I'd be needing this spray any time soon!

Size: 250ml

Price: I originally bought this for £4.99 from Superdrug but Boots are currently having a 3 for 2 offer on hair care and hair accessories.

Availability: Most TRESemme stockists eg. Boots, Superdrug.

Has anyone tried this salon sleek spray?

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