Autumn Lippies


Autumn Lippies..

Hey beauts!
Now that we're into Autumn it's definitely time to switch up our make up looks just a little bit. While many of us are already rocking the dark vampy lip, I'm not sure that I'm quite ready for a look so intense. As you know, my hair is now a natural black so it takes quite a lot to pull off a really dark lip. Instead, I'm taking a subtle dip into that trend this season by opting for shades which are more on the berry side rather than deep, plum or purple shades. In this post I'll be showing you some of my Autumn picks in hope that maybe one or two may interest you or give you an idea of colours that can be worn this season if you're like me and you're not daring enough for the deep vampy shades yet.

I am not wearing lip liner in any of these pictures so that it will help you see the true colour.

REVLON - Wine Not

MAYBELLINE - Plum Perfect

MARY KAY - Redwood (I think)

MARY KAY - Compassion 

BECCA Beach Tint - Strawberry

CLINIQUE Almost Lipstick - Bare Honey

MARY KAY Lip Nectar - Passion Fruit

L-R: Maybelline Plum Perfect, Mary Kay Compassion, Clinique Bare Honey, Mary Kay Redwood, Mary Kay Passion Fruit, Revlon Wine Not
I already have a post including swatches of BECCA Beach Tint. Click HERE to view it.
Other lipsticks such as MAC Rebel, MAC Dubonnet and MAC Hang-up are also great Autumn shades.

Click HERE to see Rebel
Click HERE to see Hang-up
Click HERE to see Dubonnet

Which one is your favourite?

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