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I know that seeing a lipstick on someone can be a lot more helpful than a swatch. It also gives you an idea of how it may pull off on your skin tone if you're around the same shade. I usually prefer taking pictures of swatches as I'm not always keen on photographing myself but I had some spare time on my hands (well really I should have been studying) so I thought I'd show you how my most recent MAC lipstick purchase Velvet Teddy looked on me. If you haven't already seen my post when I first got this lipstick then click HERE.

MAC Velvet Teddy does have a matte finish although it doesn't appear so in my pictures because my lips were well moisturised but later in the day the matte finish was more evident. Weirdly this is the most comfortable MAC matte lipstick I've worn. Is it just this lipstick in particular or have they possibly altered their formula? I have actually worn this lipstick over consecutive days and my lips are not showing signs of suffering yet. That's a first lol.

In case you're wondering, I'm wearing it with MAC 'Stripdown' and 'Cork' lip liners. 'Stripdown' was used before the lipstick application and it is lighter than Velvet Teddy so I do still plan on purchasing a lip liner to go with it. 'Cork' was just used for more definition after the lipstick was applied.

What do you think?

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  1. You look so pretty, I'm think I will be purchasing velvet teddy after this post I'm not a big fan of MAC's matte lipsticks I find them really drying.

    1. Thank you :)
      For some reason, I find this lipstick so comfortable. It's a nice WOC friendly shade to have so you should consider it x

  2. What else are you wearing on your face (base etc) You look flawless! Def getting this lippie. :))

    1. Thank you just my usual base products mentioned in my 'Perfecting My Base" post with NARS Gina blush/Casino Bronzer x

  3. It looks really pretty on you and I love your eyebrows!

  4. Velvet Teddy looks like such a beautiful colour. It looks lovely on you x

  5. I love this lip colour


  6. Your eyebrows give me lifeeeee!
    -Mariam .x



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