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I mentioned in my recent post titled 'My MAC Lipsticks' that the next MAC lippy to be added to my collection will be Velvet Teddy. You know me, once I've set my eyes on a product, I have to have it. Well, I waited until I was back in Kent to get my hands on this lipstick as I needed to actually get it from a MAC store using the Back2MAC scheme (give back 6 empty containers and get a free lipstick in return) but MAC never seems to have anything in stock these days! After about 3 weeks or so, I finally got my hands on it. To be fair, I blame Kylie Jenner. Although there are many variations for her new look (including Soar lip liner), a lot of people are pairing this lipstick with Whirl lip liner hoping to achieve the voluptuous lips she has been seen with of recent. 

MAC has described Velvet Teddy as a "deep-tone beige" but to me it's more of a dusty rose pink. It's often a nice nude for women of colour because of its deep tone.
Velvet Teddy is in their permanent range and has a matte finish which I love but I know I can't wear it on consecutive days because of my sensitive lips.

I do intend on buying a lip liner to pair with this. I really need to go lip liner shopping in general but I am contemplating jumping on the bandwagon and going for the Whirl combo but we'll see!

MAC Velvet Teddy Lipstick(link) - £12.50

What are your thoughts on MAC Velvet Teddy and what do you think of the Kylie Jenner lip trend?

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