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I happened to pass through London last week so I thought I'd take advantage and visit the KIKO store in Westfield. You know how I feel about their £25 minimum order for online purchases and with their 30% discount that meant that I'd have to buy quite a few products just to reach the minimum order. Anyway my main mission was to buy a backup of the Mat Base Corrector Primer that I've been using for the past few months. If you haven't done so already, read my review of this product HERE. I also picked up their Lip Base Primer. I bought this thinking it was just a regular lip primer but clearly I didn't do any research into this product nor did I test it out in the store. I was very shocked at the colour and texture when I finally opened it. It's in fact a neutralising lip base (similar to MAC Lip Erase) which erases your natural lip colour allowing you to reshape your lips, etc. Out of curiosity I purchased their Lip VolumeMy sister said I was very silly for buying this item lol but I believe my lips could do with a little plumping sometimes. This product is a lip balm that is supposed to smooth and plump your lips which I think my top lip could make use of as my fine lines often become visible. 
Mat Base Corrector Primer - £6.20
Lip Base Primer - £4.10
Lip Volume - £4.80 

All prices are with 30% discount that KIKO are currently offering.

I do still intend on trying more KIKO products but I was in a bit of a rush that day and didn't have time to play around with much. 

Do you have any recommendations from the brand?

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