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If there's one area of beauty that's slacking on my blog, it's definitely hair posts. I've noticed that I don't really keep my readers updated with my styles and haircare. This year, I started exploring other options rather than your typical sewn in weave or wigs. I wanted something more natural and flexible. Something where my scalp can actually breathe and I don't have to reach for my tail comb to relieve an itch. Since February (with the exception of two months where I decided to give my hair a break), I've decided to opt for micro link extensions. I've had hot fusion extensions in the past (about 8 years ago) but I wanted a glueless alternative this time. I've loved every moment of having my micro link extensions in as they are so versatile. You're free to style and part your hair wherever you've left your natural hair out and your hair can also be tied up in a ponytail (provided your perimeter has been left out as well). This is now my third time having these type of extensions so what kind of blogger would I be if I didn't share what micro link extensions actually are and how they're attached.
What are micro link extensions?
For those that are completely new to this type of extension application or have never of heard of micro links, they are extensions that are individually attached to your natural hair. They can be used for added thickness, length or both.Your hair can be washed and styled with the extensions in place. Depending on how much of your real hair has been left out, you are free to part your hair and can also tie your hair into a ponytail, etc. A small bead is used to link your natural hair and extensions. The bead is then clamped (using hair pliers) to hold the tip of the extensions in place close to your roots. There is absolutely no glue involved in the application so it isn't damaging to your natural hair. Once completed, these beads are very discrete and shouldn't be visible. There are many different types of beads that can be used with micro link extensions. The beads pictured are lined with silicone. This creates a barrier between my hair and the plastic bead itself.

What type of hair are micro link extensions suitable for?
Micro link extensions can be used by anyone regardless of your race or hair texture and can be used with almost any hair length. The most important thing is to get extensions somewhat similar to your hair texture so that your hair and extensions blend seamlessly. I haven't used a straightener on my hair in the picture above but it has been blow dried straight. I do have a chemical free straightening treatment which lasts up to three months. My hair is natural as my regular readers should know. If your hair is not naturally straight or relaxed and you have kinky/curly hair but do not wish to use a straightener, there are two options: 
1. Get extensions to match you're kinky/curly texture
2. Get a straightening treatment done on your hair
Your hair doesn't have to be particularly thick to get them done. Just bear in mind that because individual strands are attached, there are only so much your head can hold. It's not like a weave where you can double tracks if it's not full enough.

How many strands will I need?
This is all down to the individual. It really depends on how full you want it and your hair texture, etc. I like my hair pretty full and I've got quite a big head so I use roughly 150-180 strands. 

How long do they last?
Provided you've got good quality hair, they should last a very long time. The hair I use is very good quality virgin hair and is reusable. Your installation should last for months but you will need to return to your hairstylist for maintenance as your hair will grow and the extensions will need to be taken back up to your roots. Depends on the individual but maintenance could be around every 2-3 months or so. 
I've got in lengths 12" and 14" here. Earlier in the year, I had in 14" and 16". As mentioned before, the hair I use is reusable and this will be my third time using the 14" bundle. You don't have to use different lengths, I just wanted a layered finish. All of my perimeter, middle and side parts of hair are left out of extensions in this picture so I am able to style somewhat freely. You can leave more hair out if you wish to do so. For example, you may also choose to leave some hair out in the centre of your head so you can wear half up, half down styles. It's entirely up to you!

Has anyone tried micro link extensions before? How was your experience?

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