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It's that time of the year again where vampy shades make their return into everyone's lives - whether it be lipsticks or nail polishes. I feel like I've gone from one extreme to another with having fresh, natural shades to a very deep, almost black shade of polish. I really wasn't planning for a shade this deep; I was after more of a wine shade but I had a limited selection of autumnal shades to choose from at the time. This colour is very similar to one I've posted about before (click here to see) and in fact, I can't really spot the difference between them. Can you? Anyway, this one's called Bella's Vampire by Nail Harmony from their Gelish range - a well suited name for this time of year!

Have you been into the vampy shades this season?

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  1. Dark red are my fave colour for nails
    Literally have like a million and one bottles
    This looks divine


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  3. This nail color looks pretty on you! I like vampy looks but I'm excited for spring now :)

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  6. They look incredibly pigmented! I've wanted to try this for the longest time but I just know I'll never use it because I hardly use eyeshadow *sighs* The look you've created is REALLY pretty! rush essays



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