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Knowing your skin type is very important not only because it determines the type of makeup you use but also aids in deciding which skin care products you need to either improve or maintain your skin. Some say there are mainly 5 different skin types but personally I believe there's only 4 because in my opinion anyone with any of the 4 skin types can also suffer from sensitivity.

The 4 that I would classify as general skin types are:

1. Dry Skin

People with dry skin usually suffer from flakiness and dehydration. Your skin will lack moisture, oil and also elasticity. The skin may also appear dull as a result. Those with dry skin are more prone to fine lines or wrinkles. Dry skin will feel tight especially after you've washed and dried your face so moisturising with a hydrating cream is very important.
Try to avoid alcohol based products because this may dry your skin out even more which you certainly do not want!

2. Oily Skin

With oily skin, the skin produces oil excessively which results in a shiny face majority of the time. Those with this skin type often tend to have enlarged pores as well. You may suffer from blemishes more often than any other skin type due to the over production of oil. It is very common to suffer from acne with this skin type. Oily skin can be controlled by using the right products. Just because you have oily skin doesn't mean you shouldn't moisturise because this could potentially worsen the situation. Just look for a light or oil-free moisturiser.
Your aim is to also keep your pores clean so be sure to cleanse twice a day!

3. Combination Skin

Apparently most people have combination skin. Combination skin is when your t-zone (forehead, nose area and chin) is oily and the rest of your face is dry. You may suffer from spots on your t-zone as a result. This can be seen as a tricky skin type to work with because you are dealing with two different skin types on one face therefore you will need to use different products in different areas to treat this. You will need to treat the dry area of your skin as you would treat dry skin and control the oily parts of your skin as you would with someone who solely has oily skin.

4. Normal Skin

Though this skin type is seen as normal that doesn't mean that it doesn't require effort to maintain the skin type because it does! Normal skin isn't too oily nor is it too dry; it tends to be a balance where oil or dryness is not in excess. It is important that you keep the balance in your skin. This can be achieved through using certain products which have been designed and developed to aid in maintaining the pH balance in skin. Those with normal skin also have smooth, well hydrated skin and very rarely suffer from spots.

I hope these brief descriptions of skin types have helped you or maybe taken you that one step further to determining your skin type. It's important so you know how to care for and treat your skin in order to achieve beautiful results and that its fullest potential is reached.

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