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Using a primer is very important when wearing makeup. I would say it was a must to use one for that perfect finish.

Primers are used as a base to help prepare your skin for the products that you will be applying. They create a barrier between your skin and the product that you will be using.

You may find a variety of primers for different uses and needs. Some primers are colour correcting which aid in achieving a more even complexion while others are used for smoothing. There are also primers for different skin types. Dry skin types will need a moisturizing primer whereas those with oily skin will need a primer that  mattifies and controls oil/shine.

Because most primers are silicone based, they help create a smooth finish by filling in the fine lines and pores on your face resulting in flawless looking makeup.
The silicone in the primer means that your pores cannot be clogged so your skin can still breathe whilst achieving great results. This is because the silicone molecules sit on the skin as they are too large.

Another pro for using a primer is that it extends the longevity of your foundation which I'm sure we all want!

What face primer do you use?

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