My Current Daily Skincare Routine


Gone are the days where I would buy every product which had a good review on YouTube or Blogger. I've realised that less is more with facial products (well for my skin anyway). 
Obviously this post is just about products I use daily that work for me and what works for me may not necessarily work for you.

About My Skin

 In order to determine my skin type I visited Clinique for a quick consultation as I wasn't 100% sure of what skin type I had and I wanted to make sure I was using the right type of products for it. She asked me a few questions and felt my skin, then came to a conclusion that I had normal skin. She did mention that Clinique do not make products specifically for normal skin and that if I do decide to buy their 3-step kit, I should purchase dry combination (type 2). Normal skin requires good maintenance of pH balance in the skin but I haven't really started looking into that yet.

 • I've suffered from dry skin in the past as I used to have Eczema but over the years after prescribed creams and lotions I do not suffer from Eczema on my face.

• I would say though I have normal skin, my skin is also sensitive and I develop rashes and irritations on my face mainly when I've had an allergy to either food or a facial product. 

 • I also very rarely suffer from spots and I don't have the most even complexion.

My Current Routine

1. If I am wearing makeup, I start off by using my Nivea Visage Facial Cleansing Wipes For Normal/Combination Skin to remove as much makeup as I can from my face. (Night)

2. I then splash hot water on my face to open my pores and apply two pumps of No.7 Hot Cloth Cleanser in a circular motion. I let this cleanser sit for about 10mins before washing it off. Initially I was using this with a muslin cloth but I couldn't be bothered to buy a new cloth (lazy I know) so now I just use my hands or sometimes my sponge to wash it off. I remove this cleanser using circular upwards motions and rinse using lukewarm water. I feel this cleanser really helps remove the traces of makeup that couldn't be removed by wipes. (Night)

3. After using the hot cloth cleanser, I wash my face using Grisi Seaweed Soap. I have used this soap for years and even after trying new soaps, I will always run back to this as it is my favourite. It really makes my skin feel lovely and hydrated and I feel weird if it is not used. (Morning/Night)

4. Once my face is clean and all traces of foundation has been removed, I pat my face dry with a towel and use Clinique Take Off The Day Eyes, Lids and Lips Remover just to make sure all traces of eyeliner/mascara which was not removed by the above products is removed. I know I use the remover in a funny order and it should be one of the first things but I guess I've made it a habit of using it at this point. (Click here for a review). (Night)

5. I wipe my face in circular motions using Clearasil Pore Cleansing Pads just to guarantee a spot free face. I love this product! (Click here for a review). (Morning/Night)

6. And finally, I moisturise my face using Renew Intensive Skin Therapy. I recommend this moisturising lotion to those with skin on the drier side as it is very soothing and helps your skin retain moisture. I use it daily and it is very good for when I suffer from irritations. (Morning/Night)

Although I don't have a picture, I moisturise my lips with MAC Tinted Lip Conditioner for soft lips when I wake up.

As requested by one of my readers, this is my current skincare routine. This is what works for me and keeps my skin hydrated, smooth and free from blemishes. I do not skip my routine regardless of whether I am tired or not because I care a lot about it. 

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