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Are you after that summer glow?


Are you after that summer glow?..

Hey beauts!
It really upsets me that our summer in England this year is pretty much non existent. Regardless of the weather, I thought I'd introduce you to Karamel & Brown, a brand which develops products for Asian, Black and Mixed heritages to achieve a sun-kissed look.
 I've always wanted a little more warmth in my skin so when I found out that I would be reviewing their products, I was very excited. 

Karamel & Brown have a variety of products to choose from to create your glow. It is perfect for those who don't want to wear foundation in the summer but crave glowing skin.  From their range, I've tested out their Glow Creme and Glow Mousse. When both are used together on the face, it really eliminates the need for foundation, concealer and bronzer. You can also use them on your whole body or even just on your legs for a sexy sun-kissed glow.
The good thing about this brand is that they also offer 50ml trial sizes for just £6.95! 

I'm not going to go in depth about the products in this post as I have written a full review on them which can be found on the Amitee Blogazine. Click HERE to read more about my thoughts on the Karamel & Brown Glow Creme and Glow Mousse.

For more information, check out their website http://www.karamelandbrown.co.uk or follow them on twitter @KaramelandBrown

Below are pictures from my review as proof that this product does actually work!

Natural skin tone

After 1st application

After 2nd application

Can you see the difference?

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