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La Femme Blush Swatches


La Femme Blush Swatches..

Feels like it has been ages since my last post. I'm in the process of redecorating my room so everything is all over the place. Anyway, I wanted to show you swatches of the La Femme blushes I purchased because I know there are soooo many shades to pick from and you might be interested in knowing what the ones I have look like. My palette which was bought from Makeup Mania consisted of 12 shades. I think they more or less have the full range of shades on that website. I'm not sure why Love-makeup stopped stocking these blushes and they've become quite hard to source in the UK. Genie Cosmetics stock them for £2.99 but have a very limited selection and nothing compared to Makeup Mania.

The range of shades I own have mixed finishes; some matte, some shimmer. I personally don't really like shimmery blushes so the downfall of buying from Makeup Mania is that you don't know the finish of the shade you are buying which is quite annoying (unless maybe I just didn't see it). There were so many shades to choose from and apart from Russet and Sienna, the rest were random picks.

1. Red (shimmer)
2. Sienna (matte)
3. Redwood (shimmer)
4. Russet (shimmer)
5. Grape (shimmer)
6. Magenta (matte)
7. Coral (matte)
8. Dusty Rose (shimmer)
9. Terracotta (shimmer)
10. Peach (matte)
11. Mauve (matte)
12. Indian Rose (matte)

I have only used a blush from this palette once so I cannot give you a full review yet. Though I haven't used all shades, after swatching them, my initial thoughts were that some shades were extremely pigmented!

Have any of these shades caught your eye?
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  1. wow all of these caught my eye, im not big on blushers though but id use them as a crazy eye shadow colour :D x

  2. awesome! i love my la femme blushes, i think my fave one is magenta

  3. La Femme blushes are wicked! I've heard that sienna & russet are dupes/alternatives to Mac's Format and Raizin. Do you think this is true?

    1. I wouldn't say any of them were comparable to MAC Format when swatched.
      When swatched, I would say Russet was similar to MAC Raizin but imagine Raizin with shimmer and a tad bit more red. Sienna is more brown in comparison to Raizin.

  4. Gorgeous shades, I want 6,7 and 9 thanks for swatches babes!

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  6. I am obsessed with La Femme blushes as well!!

  7. Love your swatches, so vivid! I just posted 24 of these shades too. I love them!



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