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What's New (Part 2) | Tresemme, Aussie, MAC, Argan Oil, Superdrug


This part of my 'What's New' post focuses more on recent hair products that I've bought and very few makeup items. 

100% Cosmetic Argan Oil 
I was meant to feature this product on my blog when I first got back from Morocco but I completely forgot. As most of you already know Argan oil originates from Morocco so I thought this would obviously be the best place to purchase the oil. I use it on my Virgin hair and it makes it feel so soft and keeps it moisturised. I managed to bring 3 large sized bottles back to England. They were bought for 50 dirhams (I knocked the price down from 120 dirhams! Can you believe it?!) from the market in Marrakech. 50 dirhams is around £3.50. They had many different Argan oil products including black soap with Argan oil which I've forgotten to take a picture of! The soap was less than 10 dirhams.

Aussie Miracle Moist Shampoo & Conditioner
My hair was bleached last month so it's really important that I'm using products that will keep it moisturised. So far I'm really liking the Aussie Miracle Moist Conditioner because it has a lovely smell and makes your hair very soft! They are both larger versions which were bought from Costco but if you're not able to buy from Costco they have the slightly smaller sized ones in places like Superdrug. They are currently having a 2 for £6.99 offer on Aussie products in Superdrug if you're interested in buying them.

Tresemme Heat Defence Spray
My Tresemme Heat Defence leaked in my suitcase so it needed replacing. I always use this before blow drying or straightening hair. 

Tresemme Smooth Memory Straightening Spray
I very rarely curl my hair anymore as I feel it just takes too long to do so I've been going more for the sleek straight look. Whilst looking for my Tresemme Heat Defence Spray, I came across this product which is meant to train hair to become straighter, smoother and less frizzy over time. It also includes Argan Oil which is a plus.

Superdrug Makeup Sponges
These are just multipurpose makeup wedge sponges. I've only just realised they're quite small compared to the sponges I'm used to using. 

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural
I know that I usually use the shade Dark but I wanted to try Dark Deep. For my skintone at the moment, I prefer Dark Deep and I've even been getting more compliments on my makeup since I've switched shades. I may go back to Dark during winter.  

MAC Morange Lipstick
When I wrote my post about MAC Vegas Volt, I mentioned wanting another orange lipstick for the season and I wasn't too sure how I felt about the boldness of MAC Morange so I was going to go for MAC So Chaud. It was Back2MAC time, so I went to the MAC in Stratford Westfield to try both Morange and So Chaud on. After having them both on, I decided that I preferred MAC Morange though it is a very loud colour. I believe I can work with it. As one of my readers suggested, it can be used with a brown lip liner. After trying on So Chaud with a red liner, I still had on red liner whilst trying on Morange as it was hard to get off. Believe it or not but Morange with a red liner was a nice combination. This post obviously doesn't include a swatch of the colour but I will swatch it or do a FOTD post at a later date if you would like me to. 

That's the end of my 'What's New' posts until my next purchases. I know these products are not as exciting as my package from America but what are your thoughts? 
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