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I really don't mean to bombard you with all of these 'What's New' posts but my money just seems to be going on makeup buys recently. There's just so much out there that I want right now and clearly I have no self control when it comes to beauty products. In saying that, if there are products featured that you would like reviews on or even just a post focused on that specific product then let me know! I always have the intention of reviewing the products anyway but sometimes it takes me a while to get round to it.
Remember when I told you that I needed to add to my lip liner collection? Well, I didn't exactly add much to my collection as 'Cork' and 'Stripdown' were both repurchases (these are the only two lip liners that I've ever used up). 'Plum' is the newest addition to my collection and I was after 'Whirl' but can you believe it's been out of stock since I posted my 'MAC Velvet Teddy Lipstick' post well over a month ago!
I've had my eyes on the Guerlain Terracotta Bronzing Powder for a while now. I just didn't know if I could spend so much on a bronzer. I thought my NARS Casino bronzer was already pricey at £27 so with this retailing at £34.50 at most stores, it was definitely something I had to think about. When I can't stop thinking about buying something, I actually have to get it. This bronzer had been playing on my mind and especially with my NARS Casino hitting pan, what better time to replace it. I hate anything that's too red on my skin so I decided to go for the shade 07 which has more golden tones rather than shade 08 which women of my complexion or darker typically go for.

What is your favourite bronzer?

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  1. I typically do not use bronzers, but I know I should. I am a perfectionist and my biggest ish is if I can't get it right I just don't try at all. I am a make up whore who looks the natural look for both my eyes and my skin , I am an NC50 in Mac so I use the NW 43 studio fix powder as contour. I use the mineralize skin finish in Dark.
    By the way I love the Cork lip pencil its my go to lip pencil for my natural lip with mocha or bad girl riri, or should I just say just about every lipstick I own. The half red is great as well for other days.
    Just found your blog. Love love love it

    1. Hey :) Thank you!
      I can't go a day without bronzing my face. I love the warmth is creates. This Guerlain one may be nice for someone like you because it's soft and blends well.
      Every girl of our complexion needs Cork in their life! I pair it with most of my lip colours too :)

  2. Heard so much good stuff about Terracotta
    May indulge in a wee splurge

    BLEURGH - http://www.bleurghnow.com

  3. The bronzer looks amazing, so pricey though!



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