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Review: NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss


NYX Mega Shine Lipgloss..

"Kiss me quick! Our signature Mega Shine Lip Gloss delivers shine, moisture and softness and envelops lips with glistening color. The finish is both creamy and steamy and ensures knockout glamour. A blend of mineral and lanolin oils helps protect the pout. Available in 64 almost sinful lip gloss shades."
After seeing countless reviews on this product, I decided to give it a try. This lip gloss must be one of the best lip glosses I've purchased. Most of them are packed full of pigment, have a high gloss finish and still an affordable price! You can choose from a range of 64 colours so finding a colour to complement your skin tone will be far from a problem! I promise :)
Majority of these lip glosses are very pigmented such as "Beige", "Natural" and "Dolly Pink" and can be described as semi-opaque whereas there are a few which may apply sheerer such as "Smokey Look", "Juicy Pink" and "Beautiful" though still have a hint of colour. These lip glosses are not sticky like most cheap lip glosses are and they actually have a nice formula. Almost all of the colours I purchased are scented. They have like a cherry scent which doesn't bother me and after a while you don't even notice it.
Each lip gloss contains 15ml/0.53fl.oz of product which is quite a lot compared to your regular MAC lipglass which contains a lot less so they should last quite a while (depending on your usage of course). 
It also has a doe-foot applicator for an even application.

These "Megashine" glosses retail in the UK for £6.95 on the NYX  UK website but I managed to buy some of them on eBay for even cheaper. Initially, I ordered 3 from the NYX website in the colours; "Smokey Look", "Natural" and "La-La". I fell in love from day 1 and decided to order 10 more (which was bought off eBay) for $26.95 which converted to £16.82. You are given the opportunity to choose any 10 colours of your preference from the range of 64. The colours I chose were: "Dolly Pink", "Clear", "Beige", "Tea Rose", "Candy Shop", "Miami Babe", "French Kiss", "Tanned", "Juicy Pink" and "Beautiful".

Do you own this lip gloss? If so, let me know what you think!

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