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DIY: Tinted Lip Balms


DIY: Tinted Lip Balms..

Using OCC Memento

Using OCC Trick

Hello my beauts!
Over the summer, I've been bored with very little to do. As you know from my last two posts, I've been exploring my lip tars/paints a bit. I never really paid too much attention to them before even though they've been in my makeup collection.

My MAC Tinted Lip Conditioner which I LOVE has nearly finished. At a time like this, where I'm not currently working, I really need to save money so I thought why not just make my own instead of paying another £11 for one. I usually use the MAC Tinted Lip Conditioner like 10000 times a day, just because I love the feeling of it. I've been repeatedly buying it in the colour "Soothing Beige" which is like a nude for me. But I think I'm going to take a break from it and make some DIY lip balms :)

The pictures above are of the lip balms that I made using the OCC Lip Tars. I just washed my empty MAC containers and refilled them with the DIY product!

Here is a picture of the original product

Here is my DIY Lip Balm

If you want a step-by-step post of how this was made, just leave a comment below

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