My First Blog Award


My First Blog Award..

Hey Beauts =D

I'm actually quite excited to tell you all that I recieved my first blog award from the lovely Geriee at BERRY-HAUTE.

I am so grateful for this as I have only just recently started blogging but have felt welcomed by the blogging community already!

I appreciate all the positive feedback you give me and would just like to use this as an opportunity to say THANK YOU.

She awarded me with the Liebster Blog Award which is an award given to bloggers with followers below 200 in order for them to gain more exposure and make more connections.

I am aware that I can only choose 5 so in no particular order, below are the 5 blogs that I have also chosen to award this to:

♥ Bisa Nation
♥ Heart Dollie
♥ The Cosmetic Crave

Make sure you check out their blogs xx

Award recipients please remember to:

1. Show your appreciation to your award giver by linking back to them
2. Comment on the blogs that you have chosen, so they are aware of the award you have given them
3. And finally proudly post the award to your blog!

Once again I'd like to thank Geriee for giving me this award. It is much appreciated =) xxx

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