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Sample Arrival: Face Atelier Ultra Foundation in #9 Toffee


Sample Arrival: Face Atelier Ultra Foundation in #9 Toffee..


Helloo :)
I am very sorry that I haven't got back to you about the Face Atelier Ultra Foundation. It's just that I am still trying to find a perfect colour match and avoid purchasing two foundations because I do not want to deal with the stress of mixing though these foundations have been developed for you to do that.

In search of a colour match, I kindly received a sample of #9 Toffee from the lovely people at Coco BeauThey had a look at the pictures on my blog and recommended I had tried this shade.

I must say, the arrival of the sample was very prompt and they have such great customer service. It took me by surprise when it arrived.

 Coco Beau is a website that stocks the Face Atelier Ultra foundation in all shades including  'Heat', 'Zero Minus', 'Zero Plus' and 'Zero Plus Plus' which are used to alter shades.

They also sell samples of the foundation for £1.45 which I think is brilliant for anyone like me who is unsure of their colour.

Click here to order your sample!

Since it has arrived, I have only been able to try out #9 Toffee shade once. I feel it may be a little on the red side and suit people of MAC NW better but I will give it another go and probably do a FOTD to see what everyone thinks.

The sample was sent in this cute packaging

Here are the sample pots
Left to right: #11 Mink, #10 Cocoa, #9 Toffee

Samples Again
Left to right: #9 Toffee, #11 Mink, #10 Cocoa

#11 Mink and #9 Toffee
Left: #11 Mink, Right: #9 Toffee

#10 Cocoa and #9 Toffee
Left: #10 Cocoa, Right: #9 Toffee
Sorry about the poor quality

All 3 Samples
Left to right: #11 Mink, #9 Toffee, #10 Cocoa

All 3 Samples Mixed
This seems like the perfect colour =/

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