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Update: MAC Matchmaster Foundation


MAC Matchmaster Foundation Update..

Hello beauties!
It's been a little while since I posted something. Can you believe we're in September already! 
Anyway, I popped into my local MAC counter to have a look at the new collections. To be honest, I only really went there to get some lipsticks and to have a quick look at the new Matchmaster Foundation. I got there like 20mins before closing time so I didn't really get a chance to have a look at everything properly so I might head back next week.
I wasn't able to get colour matched to the new foundation as it was nearly closing time but I had a look at the colours 7.0 and 8.0 (not realising there was a 7.5 shade). Although they adjust to your skin tone, 7.0 looked a little to light and 8.0 looked a little too dark so next time I go, I think I'll have a look at 7.5 and maybe get a sample. This foundation is going to be permanent so I'm in no rush to be honest. I wasn't able to get a sample today as they said there wasn't any available but hopefully when I pop in again, they'll have some.

BUT the point of this post really was to give you a rough idea of the shade numbers compared to MACs original shades!

1.0 - NC15
1.5 - NW15
2.0 - NC20/NC25/NW20
3.0 - NC30
4.0 - NC35/NC37/NW30
5.0 - NC40/NC41/NC42
6.0 - NW33/NW35/NC44
♥ 7.0 - NW40/NW43/NC45
7.5 - NC50/NC55
8.0 - NW44/NW45
8.5 - NW46/NW47
9.0 - NW48
9.5 - NW50/NW55
10.0 - NW58/NW60

I know this was a bit of a boring post but I hope it was helpful! lol

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