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Sample Arrival: Face Atelier Ultra Foundation Zero Plus


Sample Arrival: Face Atelier Ultra Foundation Zero Plus..

Hope everyone is good. I would just like to apologise for my lack of posts this week. I've just moved into a new flat with my friends so I've been quite busy struggling to unpack and settle down. 

I just thought I'd update you and show you the fourth sample of the Face Atelier Ultra Foundation that I received from Coco Beau earlier this week. 

This time, I was sent a sample of  'Zero Plus' as I didn't feel the other colours were a good colour match. Hopefully this will be a good match because there aren't really any other shade options. 
Face Atelier don't have a wide colour range for women of colour in this foundation so it's very difficult to just buy one without having to mix it.

'Zero Plus' is usually used as an adjuster to darken any of their other ultra foundation shades including shades for paler skin. Anyone looking to darken their ultra foundation will just need a drop of this in order to do so but in my case, I am using it as a foundation and not an adjuster.

If this doesn't work for me, I may consider using it to darken #10 Cocoa which I posted a picture of in an earlier post.

Here is what Zero Plus looks like on my hand


Fingers crossed this shade will be okay

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